"Linda, you are one of the best teachers I have ever observed, and I've had some great ones. You are non-threatening; you gauge your audience well and know how much information to teach at one time. You have a wonderful spirit about you with complete harmony with heart and mind. Thanks for your example."

— Dr. E. Ballou

Every Dentist has 3 Goals:


Patient Acquisition

Have a steady flow of New Patients and keep them coming back.


Deliver Quality Care

Be able to do the work that they diagnose for their patients.


Get Paid

Be paid for the treatment that they do.

Along the road they face many struggles; to name a few – Employees quit, change positions or retire, new associates come in, you add a location, etc.

Linda is the owner of Zeroed-In and has been in dentistry for 25+ years.
She is passionate about helping teams Zero-In on the things of importance – the patients right in front of them! The most important job of the “in office” front office team is to take great care of those patients! To financial consult effectively, to manage the recall program effectively, to schedule effectively, to capture each and every caller that calls.

Just as Doctors do a comprehensive exam on their patients, Linda suggests a comprehensive exam on your practice!

Linda Kane
Owner & CEO Zeroed-In Dental Solutions
Eaglesoft & Open Dental Specialist & Consultant 

How can Linda help? 

Take a moment to browse Linda's consulting services below:

Consulting Services

2-3 Day Diagnostic Practic Exam

• Team & Doctors Questionnaires

• Review of Questionnaires

• Observations

• Team Interviews

• Team Meeting

• Team Training

• Complete Observation & Recommendation with the Doctor

Monthly Coaching & Consulting

There are 25+ Systems

• Verbiage

• New Patients

• Production / Collections

• Recare Program

• Financial / Treatment Consults

• Teamwork

• Communication

• Organizational Meetings

• Scheduling