Insurance Credentialing

Navigating the world of Dental Insurance Credentialing is a tricky thing to do! It can be daunting if you are unsure what to do. Typically, there are 3 different types of insurance credentialing that needs to be done. Zeroed-In will be able to advise you based on your needs.

Credentialing Pricing

This service is available as an add-on to Dental Insurance Billing

New Contract

Doctor is going to try to get in “contract” with the insurance company


per provider, per location


Usually insurance will tell you 90, 60, then 30 days before this will be due to “re-up” your contract


per provider, per location

Add-on Credentialing

If you are adding a location, changing Tax ID, removing a location, or canceling contract


per provider, per location

Note: If you are a new start-up practice then we’d love to talk to you about some best practices as you navigate the world of insurance contracts. You want to start off right and not end up with a “spaghetti trap” of contracts & leased fee schedules.